PDC 8 – Shenzhen in 8 photos

Photos are taken in Dec 2018 on a trip to Shenzhen.

Couriers for food delivery at every traffic junction in the city.


Bikes used by couriers parked on the street when they are out for delivery in the buildings.


Couriers idling on the street while waiting for orders.


Cafes are quite popular around business districts. They also offer delivery services.


In a typical restaurant, you order food via mobile apps. They also handle payments (and break down payments individually according to who ordered what).


Sharing bikes are common, so are broken ones.


Not a lot of people in physical stores. You see people shopping online using their phones on the street.


Quite a lot of foreign faces, especially near the Huaqiangbei area.
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PDC 6 – Chinese Travel Tech Unicorn Mafengwo Accused of Using Fake Reviews

The big news in the past few days in Chinese tech space is the massive scandal of fake reviews on Mafengwo(马蜂窝).

For those who don’t know, Mafengwo is a Chinese unicorn startup in travel industry, expected to be valued at $2.5 billion. It operates in the same space as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and travel tour agencies.

So what is it all about? Continue reading “PDC 6 – Chinese Travel Tech Unicorn Mafengwo Accused of Using Fake Reviews”